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My Pet Mobile Vet

Procedure Offered

My Pet Mobile Vet is a full-service veterinary practice equipped with all the medical, diagnostic and surgical capabilities of your local veterinary hospital that provides house call services in Northern Los Angeles County, Ventura County and Southern Santa Barbara County.

The 26-ft mobile veterinary hospital provides Los Angeles and Ventura counties with the highest quality veterinary care available. The team of dedicated veterinarians understands that with the demands of life and work, it can be difficult to find the time to get beloved pets the medical care they need and deserve in order to live full, happy, and healthy lives.  My Pet Mobile Vet provides all the services that a local veterinarian provides, except the services are provided in the comfort and convenience of the pet-owner’s home.

The highly qualified and trained staff is led by Dr. Rene Garcia, Dr. Robert Turner, and Dawn Taks, CVT. Together, the professional veterinary team is committed to provide the best health care and well-being for every pet they assist. In addition to the leading edge in medical care, the doctors apply honest, open communication and integrity with every visit.


Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, CA 93065

Office Hours

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Services include:

  • Puppy/ Kitten Consultation
  • Adult/ Senior Wellness Checks
  • Sick Pet Consult
  • Avian/ Exotic Consultation
  • Dermatological and Ear Exam
  • Dental Care
  • Surgery
  • Emergency Visits
  • Pharmacy and Lab Services
  • Imaging (X-ray, Ultrasound)
  • Behavioral Assessment
  • Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Referrals
  • Hospice Care
  • At Home Critical Care
  • Quality of Life Consultation
  • Euthanasia


Dr. Rene Garcia obtained his veterinary degree from Massey University, New Zealand.  He maintains a strong interest in small animal medicine, with special interest in animal behavior and diagnostic imaging.   He primarily treats dogs, cats, pocket pets and reptiles, but he also enjoys working with pigs, goats, and other hobby farm animals.

Born and raised in South Florida, Dr. Garcia is a former member of the fire brigade coming from a family with a strong passion for animals and conservation.  As a young adult he became a dedicated breeder of the endangered Cyclura iguana species.  He has a long history of volunteering with multiple animal shelters, including the SPCA.

Dr. Robert Turner obtained his veterinary degree from Massey University, New Zealand, where he met Dr. Garcia. He became affiliated with University of Pennsylvania, University of California, Davis and Cornell University for lengthy periods during his final year of study.  

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Dr. T has been passionate about becoming a veterinarian for as long as he can remember.  He has treated dogs and cats as well as traveling to farms to treat cattle and horses both in the USA and other parts of the world. 

Dawn Taks, CVT. 

On-board fully-stocked pharmacy and lab, convenient house-calls, emergency calls on case-by-case basis. State-of-the-art digital imaging suite will be available soon.

Benefits to In-home pet care:

Less stress for your pet and you:
Whether it is the anxious car ride, the new environment or the large dog across the waiting room, the veterinary experience can be a stressful experience.  Allowing your pet to be treated at home avoids these potentially stressful situations.

Comfort of your pet and you:
Whether a large dog, disabled or sick, a cat stressed to leave its home, a bird in a cage, or a large pet pig, it is often difficult to get your pet to the vet. You no longer have to leave the comfort of your home to get the highest quality veterinary care.

The car ride, the waiting room, the examination and the trip back home can be a timely affair. Let us take the hassle out of visiting the vet, allowing valuable extra time to do the things pet-owners want and need to do.

Many elderly, physically challenged, or young families have difficulty finding the time or resources to get quality veterinary care. With mobile veterinary services, pet owners do not need to leave their homes. The entire fully-equipped mobile hospital is brought to the client’s home.

Animal behavior:
Some pets behavior changes in new environments making it difficult for you to repeat, demonstrate and describe their behavior. Observing a pet in its home environment allows the doctors to understand the problem and develop an individual treatment plan.

Hospice care medicine:
Some diseases are sadly debilitating. With a mobile service, the comfort of each pet is maintained.

Personal service:
With no timed appointments, the focus is solely on each client and pet. There are no time constraints presented with the typically busy, crowded waiting room.

At home visits guarantee privacy and assured confidentiality.

The mobile vet services ensures a competitive rate with your local veterinary hospital.  The ultimate goal is for every pet owner to be able to afford at home veterinary care.


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